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30 - 55% pay raise!

"From the Dream Job Challenge to enrolling in the program, I have been receiving multiple interviews all have gone pretty well and they gave me the opportunity to use some of the gems I learned in the DJC. Well with the holidays and new year call backs were not coming, and although my anxiety was getting the best Of me, I remained patient. Yesterday I got 2 call backs with offers ranging from $95k to 133k this is a 30-55% increase in salary! #winning."


Unemployed to 6 figure role!

"When I started working with Isi, I had been unemployed for a long time; so long I am too embarrassed to even say.

I asked a few friends just to make the minimum payment. I was really down. I had no confidence.

Today, I signed on a 6 figure role which included a 10k counter offer which was accepted in less than 24 hours. I got it all!!! God fulfilled His promises to me and He used and her team in my joyful journey to infinite wealth and joyful abundance!!!"


I got a 20k Salary Increase!

"Where can I start! From helping me identify what I'm good at to helping me negotiate my salary and benefits with tangible and practical tips, Isi was there. She was an absolute catalyst in helping me in the next step of my career and landing a job that gave amazing and almost a 20k jump in my salary.

I realised how much I valued teaching and empowering others through knowledge. Since then, it gave me much more confidence in interviews, about what I was passionate about and purposed for. She's the BOMB.COM PERIODT!

Na Shai

I landed a new job with a 30% Salary increase!

"I am excited to share that I accepted a new role as a Senior Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Capital One in January.

My Salary increased 30% ."

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